IIS server Certificates got disappeared after installation on server


Staff member
Sometimes if you have successfully installed SSL certificate on server for your domaon but when you check the installed certificate under the list of server certificates you will not find it in the list.

IIS server only lists the certificates if these have valid private key and they are meant for server authentication. You can solve this issue by recovering private key of SSL certificate.

You can follow below steps to recover private key of the SSL certificate.

You can use below command to recover private key.

certutil –repairstore my <certificate serial number>
For the serial number of certificate you can follow below steps:
  • Click on IIS manager in windows to open it.
  • Now you will see the “Connections” option, here select server name and then go to Server Certificate option.
  • You have to select the desired certificate and after that right click on certificate name, choose “View” option.
  • You will see the next screen; here you have to click on “Details” tab. You can see the “Serial Number” of your SSL certificate.
  • After getting private key, you will get the “Server Certificates” option and you can check your installed certificate available ornot.