apache module

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    Steps to verify Apache module is enabled or not

    Cpanel provides various modules for Apache when Server node profile is enabled. You can check if module is installed or not on server then you can check this example: You can check if mod_rewrite is enabled or not on server and for that you can run below command: # httpd -M |grep rewrite...
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    Steps to install mod_evasive Apache module

    This module help to mitigate DDOS and DOS attack on server,let’s see how to install mod_evasive Module. You can install yum command or also use WHM to install it. ea-apache24-mod_evasive mod_evasive check requests of all the IP address on websites. Mod_evasive will log the IP address in this...
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    Steps to uninstall Apache module in WHM

    You can follow below steps to install Apache module: Log into WHM. Go to EasyApache 4. Here you have to click on Customize option under Currently Installed Packages. Now click on “Apache Modules”. Enter your extension which you want to uninstall. Mark it for removal with toggle icon. Click on...