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    Steps to make your MSSQL database offline

    If you are not allowed to perform operations on online status then you have to take your database offline. You have to follow below steps to take your database offline. First login to SQL Server Management Studio. Click on “Database” and then choose particular database which you want to take...
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    Shrink MSSQL Database

    If you have large MSSQL database then you can shrink it to free up some space on SQL server. This shrinking process will remove the unused space from database. You can follow below steps to shrink database via Microsoft SQL Management Studio Login to your SQL server. Now expand databases and...
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    How can we set maximum MSSQL database size limit?

    You can follow below steps to set the database size limit using SQL Management Studio. Login to your SQL Management Studio. Right click on particular database and choose “Properties” option. A new dialogue will open where you have to choose “Files” option. You have to click on three dots which...
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    Enable MS SQL server access in php

    To access MSSQL server data from PHP scripts you will need to enable two php extensions SQLSRV extension and PDO_SQLSRV extension. You can follow below steps to enable these extensiosn in SQL server 2008. First of all you have to check the compatible version of MSSQL drivers with your PHP, you...
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    Steps to change Database User's schema in MSSQL

    You can follow below steps: Login to SQL server database. Now right click on particular database and select “New Query” option. After that run this command: ALTER USER db_user WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA = dbo; Here db_user is your database username.
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    Configure user permission to SQL database user in SQL Server Management Studio

    Database user won’t have enough permission to access all the queries so here we can check how to assign permission to MSSQL database user. Login to SQL server Management studio. Now click on particular “Database” and select the table for which you need required permission. After that right...
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    Steps to Verify MSSQL Server Edition

    You can follow below steps to verify MSSQL edition. Login to Windows VPS server. Open “SQL 2019 Configuration Manager” and here click on “SQL Server Services”. Now right click on “SQL Server” and click on “Properties” option. A new dialoge box will open, you have to click on “Advanced” tab...
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    Steps to increase MSSQL Remote Query Timeout

    You can follow below steps to update Remote Query Timeout in MSSQL: Login to MSSQL server with SQL Server Management Studio On the left side in Object Explorer right click on particular server name and choose “Properties” option. A new window will open where you have to click on “connections”...
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    Steps to change MSSQL default language for users in SQL server Management studio 2012

    Sometimes we got error messages in SQL server but it was in Spanish language. If you have checked the default language of database then it’s English. Solution: The only solution for this issue is we have to update the default language to English of database user configuration. So we can check...
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    Check the entire active connections of MSSQL database

    You can follow below steps to check the active connections of MSSQL database. Login to Windows server. Open SQL Management studio. Here right click on particular database and click on execute. Now you have to run the select query to check active database connection. SELECT DB_NAME(dbid) AS...
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    Steps to change user access mode in MSSQL

    With all the database features, there is restrict database access feature is also provided by MSSQL. Normally, there are 3 access modes are available Single User, Multiple User and Restricted User. You can easily change the User access mode in MSSQL Management Studio with below steps: Login to...
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    Changing SQL Server Authentication Mode with SSMS: A Complete Guide

    Authentication is necessary for establishing connection between two servers or databases. In SQL server, you’re going to find two different authentication modes. This article is about how to switch authentication modes using SSMS. Types of Authentication Modes in SQL Server As already...
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    How to fix SQL Error 50000?

    What is the right time to use SQL Server Native Client? Whenever you use a database of SQL server its must use SQL Server Native Client. The decision is yours! Before you choose SQL Server Native Client make sure everything is okay or else you can move with some other technology for accessing...