mssql server

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    Steps to change MSSQL server 2008 port

    AS we know Windows VPS default port number is 1533but if we want to change the default port then we have to follow below steps: Login to your Windows VPS. Navigate to Start >> All Programs >> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 >> Configuration Tools >> SQL Server Configuration Manager. Now choose...
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    Steps to change Database Collation in MSSQL Server

    Collation indicates that how character data will be handled. Collation is a configuration level setting. You can follow below steps to change database Collation: Login to RDP server and open SQL Management Studio. Now right click on particular Database name and then click on “Properties”. A...
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    Steps to find orphan users in MSSQL Server

    Orphaned users can be mostly created while database migration when the database user is available on server but its login doesn’t available on server. You can run below query to check the orphaned users in MSSQL. USE USER DATABASE EXEC SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN ‘REPORT’ GO We can fix this issue...