netstat command

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    Error “bash: netstat: command not found.”

    You will always get this error in linux if you haven’t install netstat command. You have to install net-tools to resolve this error, you have to run below command to install it... Centos yum install net-tools Ubuntu/Debian sudo apt install net-tools After installing net-tools you can run...
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    Check the Processes Listening on a Given Port in Linux (3 Ways)

    Ports are an important element of communication among apps and software. They serve as an endpoint for communication. In the case of an operating system like Linux, a port is a logical construct that recognizes a particular process or a network service. At any given point in time, there might be...
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    Command to check listening ports on server

    You can use netstat command for command line network utility which helps to display network connections. To check listening ports you can use below commands: netstat --listen lsof –i
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    Linux netstat commands

    Netstat Command: Netstat is basically a command line utility which can be utilized to the list out for all the network connection in a system. It mainly lists out all the UDP, TCP socket connections and also the Unix socket connection. Apart from these sockets it can also easily list the...