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    Does your WordPress Plugin ask for OTP verification?

    Some used to register by email or SMS using a fake account. Do you think it’s the right procedure for enrolling in technical things? No right! Every process needs perfect and authenticated involvement. In that case, using a fake account many can misuse your profile. So, for safety WordPress...
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    Steps to upgrade Wordpress plugin

    You can upgrade your Wordpress plugin with 2 ways. Upgrade plugin with One-Click: In this you can easily upgrade your plugin automatically. For that you can follow below steps: Login to Wordpress >> Navigate to update section >> Here you can upgrade your plugin after selecting it. Enable...
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    Steps to update WordPress plugins

    What do you think about the plugin update? Whether updating the plugin is necessary to maintain security reasons? Yes! Updates usually bring new features and more security for a user. In that case, if you update the plugin whenever required it gives you perfect security with many precautions...
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    How to enable plugin in Joomla?

    Login to Joomla admin panel. From the navigation bar click on “Extensions” and then “Plugins”. Here you will see the list of all plugins available for your site. If you want to enable any plugin like Cookie then you have to select it using the checkbox and then click on “Enable” button which is...