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    Steps to unban IP address from WHMCS

    If you are not able to login into WHMCS due to IP ban issue from login failure. If you are using incorrect login details three times then you get banned from WHMCS. You have to whitelist your IP address in WHMCS with below steps: Login to WHMCS. Here under “General Settings” click on...
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    Steps to enable error reporting in WHMCS

    You can enable error reporting in WHMCS from admin area and configuration file. For that you can login into WHMCS and follow below steps: Go to Configuration >> System Settings >> General Settings >> Other. Here you will find “Display Errors” checkbox, click on it. At last “Save Changes”. To...
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    How to add new currency in WHMCS?

    In WHMCS you we can easily sell our products to multiple currencies, we can manually set the price of product, it will automatically update according to rate fluctuation Login to WHMCS. Go to Setup >> Payments >> Currencies Now you will have to enter all the details of new currency and click on...
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    How to change the max execution time in WHMCS?

    If we are getting below error while executing cron jobs then we can update the WHMCS configuration file. Let’s see how to check this: PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in /path/to/file.php To resolve this issue we can update the configuration.php file and add...