windows vps server

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    Steps to install Python on Windows VPS server

    You can easily install Python on server with just few simple steps: First click on to download the Python. Now start the Python installer with “Install Now” option. So that your installation process will start. Whenever installation will complete you will get...
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    Steps to modify RDP Screen Resolution on Windows VPS server

    You can follow below steps to change screen resolution in RDP: First click on “Start” button and then search for “Run”. You will see a command box where you have to type “mstsc” and then click on OK. You will be able to show new RDP connection where you have to click on “Show options” button...
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    Not able to login in Windows VPS server. Why?

    You can check the reason must be one of the following: First check you are using correct IP address and port number to login into RDP. Default port of windows RDP is 3389 so check this port is not blocked on your firewall or ISP. And if you are using any configured port then you have to check...