Steps to enable URL Rewrite module in IIS server


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As you know URL Rewrite module is available in Mircosoft and Apache both, but in windows it is completely intergrated with web.config file. Let’s follow below steps to enable URL Rewrite module in IIS.
  • Login to Windows VPS server via RDP.
  • Open IIS Manager, for that click on “Start” and open “Run” after that type inetmgr and press enter.
  • Expand your “Sites”from left sidebar and click on “Default Web Site”.
  • You will get all the options for your sites, click on “URL Rewrite”
  • Now you will option “Import Rules” on right side.
  • Now to convert Apache mod_rewrite rules to IIS URL rewrite rules, you have to copy all the mod_rewrite rules from .htaccess and paste them in available text box.
  • You will instantly get the result of this conversion and you can check in XML view that how these converted rules are stored in web.config file.
  • You can check the names of rules and if youw ant to change name of rules then you have to select the rule and right click on it and choose “Rename” option.
  • Enter desired name of rule and then and then click on “Apply”.