Create a Password Generator for your WordPress Website: A Complete Guide

Create a Password Generator for your WordPress Website: A Complete Guide

Security is of utmost priority for every website owner. If your users are using a weaker password to log in and out of the website, it is a cause of concern. In such cases, you can add a password generator to your WordPress website so the users can generate a strong password and use it instead.

In this article, learn how to add a easy-to-use password generator to your WordPress website. There are more than one ways for this. We explain two ways to create a password generator.

Use the Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin

The first method requires you to use the Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin. It’s a free plugin that allows you to manage everything related to password on your WordPress website. And one of its features allow you to add a password generator to your website.

So to get started, install and activate the Password Policy Manager for WordPress. Then follow these steps:
  • Visit the Password Policies section added to the admin panel
  • Here, you need to locate the ‘Enable Password Policies’ option and click on the checkbox
  • Now you can set a site-wide password policy that’d be applicable to all the website users. Among the things you can choose, you can set the password strength, the time period for password expiry, and force the use of numerical and characters
  • You can also set other advanced options like automatically resetting password for inactive users, disallow old password reuse, limit login attempts, etc. Go through these options and complete the password policy. Then click on ‘Save Changes
  • Now when you visit the password management section of your profile, you’ll see a password generator added to the page. It will prevent users from setting easy-to-guess passwords
Use WPForms

The second way is to use the WPForms plugin.

You’ll need to use it instead of the Password Policy Manager plugin if you’re using custom user registration and password reset form instead of the default one. So you need to use the WPForms form builder to add the password generator.

To get started, install and activate the WPForms plugin. Then follow the following steps:
  • Navigate to WPForms > Settings
  • Enter the license key, which can you get from your WPForms account
  • Then visit WPForms > Addons
  • Look for the Under Registration Addon option and tap the ‘Install addon’ button. Now you can start creating custom registration and login forms
  • Now head over to WPForms > Add New section
  • Provide a title for your form and then select a template for this user registration form
  • Now go to the password field and toggle the switch for ‘Enable Password Strength’
  • Set the minimum password strength to ‘Strong’
  • Save the form and exit
  • Now open the page or post where you want to incorporate the new custom form and add the WPForms block to the content area
  • Then, select the custom form and add it to that page. You can preview the form in real time. If you’re satisfied publish the post/page
  • Now the password generator is added to the registration page
So that’s how you add a password generator to a WordPress website.
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