Do you want to hide menu items that are unnecessary to you?

Do you want to hide menu items that are unnecessary to you?

You have a responsibility to clean the WordPress admin area often. So, one must know the procedure for cleaning or hiding menu items that are unnecessary from your point. You may not use some features in WordPress for long days so, it's best to make them hide or clean away. Saving up time by concentrating on the feature that you want is reliable more than a distraction from unusable things.

What you can see in WordPress?

You might have installed more plugins, submenus, and menus. Some used to have a greater number of websites dealing in one WordPress. Also, sometimes, your client may visit the WordPress admin area so, it’s your responsibility to figure out unnecessary things in WordPress. You will not do activities on settings and menus. Once the menu and settings are created, you will not have any further work to deal with it. Try to hide the menus, and submenus that are not useful for a long time.

If necessary, you can do user role deactivation just by innovating the capabilities and roles in the interface of the admin.

Let’s start the step to hide the menus from the WordPress admin area!

Use the plugin “Admin Menu Editor” for hiding the WordPress admin panel. This plugin helps to change the icons, URLs, and titles. Not only hiding the menus also, try with menu items drag and drop option and setting up user roles.

Step 1: Find the plugin by typing the name in the Plugin dashboard. Install and activate the plugin for further use.

Step 2: Once activation is done, Go to Settings and then choose menu editor. By now, you can see the submenus and menus in the tab “admin menu”.

Step 3: Just dragging and dropping the menu, it’s possible to rearrange the menu and submenu items. Even, you can add a new one or delete the old one based on your preference.

Step 4: Tap on the downward arrow present on the left side of the panel. It helps to give another name for the page and menu title.

Step 5: This article is for knowing and hiding the menus right! So, simply tap on the dropdown menu “Extra capability” and select the user role without fail.

Step 6: If you want to set only the administrator to want to view the menu and submenu means tap on the administrator option so that, he can only view the menu and submenu. For the remaining people, it will get hidden automatically.

Step 7: Save all the changes made till now without fail. Now, the menu items will be hidden for all the users but not from the administrator who has given privileges.

In case, if any of your users try to view the hidden menu then they will get an error message such as

“You do not have sufficient permission to access this admin page”.

Do the same process for all other users in WordPress.
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