Drupal 8 Custom Contact Form

Drupal 8 Custom Contact Form

In general, the contact forms are created for user details such as name, email and contact address. The same procedure has been followed in Drupal 8. Admin uses Drupal 8 module called “Contact form” to create independent forms for other sales and marketing departments. Some website publishers use the module for installing “Secure Login” which makes sure that SSL/TLS encryption is associated with contact forms.

Step 1: Go to /admin/modules and do module enablement. From the secure login, you can download the files and start to upload them by navigating them to /admin/modules/install.

Step 2: Tap on the button “save” and don’t forget to do module enablement. Start creating the contact form to use modules like HoneyPot, ReCaptcha and Captcha.

Step 3: To create a contact form site-wide, go to /admin/structure/contact and then tap on “Add Contact For”.

You can also create forms like product information and website feedback form. Don’t forget to add the recipient to the forms.

You can use emails like …@example.com and so for more users add a comma in-between the emails. After form submission, add some more messages to the user. If you don’t want to add a message kindly leave it blank.

Redirect path setup is the next important thing in Drupal 8. You have options such as default form, weight and auto-reply.

Step 4: After creating the contact form, do right tap on the menu to select “Edit”. Select option from the shown list “Manage Fields”.

Go to /admin/structure/contact/manage/feedback/fields to add fields such as URL, email address, phone number, address and name. To add all those fields tap on the button “Add field”.

To remember each field adding a label is an important task here. So, save the process done till now and then do the remaining configuration. Users need to type on the field of address and phone number with text and number. For this, you need to add variables and values.

How to manage the display of custom contact forms? Here, we need to manage the display of the field so right-click on the menu to select “Edit”. You will get options such as “Manage Form Display”.

Use levers from the drop-down list to arrange contact form display. Start positioning URL, email, phone number and address one by one. Moreover, the default consideration will be the sender email and sender name.

Now the contact form has the information on the listed fields. You have the responsibility to ensure encryption security while doing submission.

Go to the path /admin/config/people/securelogin to make sure the form is listed as per the changed settings.

That’s it! It is more important for you to observe the activities of the Contact Form display.
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