Guide to know the installation of PostgreSQL in the server of Windows

Guide to know the installation of PostgreSQL in the server of Windows

What is PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL is a well-known ORM system that is available for all users. So, you can mention it as an open-source platform right! It proves with all the characteristics like architecture in robust appearance, development continued more than 15 years of proven decisions. It has gained more awards from industry experts and many have a valid point for using PostgreSQL.

Before starting the process, kindly download PostgreSQL from the website. Choose the recently released version and then choose the operating system. To finish the installation process, tap on the button “Download link”.

Step 1: You must download PostgreSQL – [10.3] –windows – x64.exe. After download without fail open the page. Go to the folder where you have installed the PostgreSQL and then start running the installer.

Step 2: Tap on the button “Next”. Most probably, you will get installed in the directory of “C”. You can download the installer wherever you want in the directory.

Step 3: Choose the components by default - all components! Choose the place where you need to store the database. Here, you need to enter the password and it is solidly for safety.

Step 5: Even if you are the administrator of course you need to enter the password. Choose the port number and check the default one is 5432. Again, here comes the configuration of the firewall and web browser.

Step 7: In this step, you need to choose a location, language set up in default and time zone. Before tapping the next button kindly cross-check the settings you made.

Step 8: Use the stack builder for using add-ons and extra utility. Tap on the button “Finish” for completing the installation.

Step 9: Choose the installed “Postgres Server” and then tap on the configuration added. Tap on the button “Next”.

That’s it! You have done with the installation! Now, let's start doing the verification step by step:

Step 1: pgAdmin – Use this one to verify the installation quickly. Go to the sear bar and then type as pgAdmin for tapping the link. Windows help you to show the recently released installation such as PostgreSQL 10.

Step 2: Now, tap two times on the PostgreSQL and so, it asks password for verification. You would have created a password before so, use it here too!

Step 3: You can view the server object once if the installation process is done correctly.

If you get any problem while doing this process kindly go to the folder of installation to uninstall the application. Do create Windows users newly and then add them to the group called administrative. Don’t forget to restart the system! Open the command prompt and execute the command runas /user: posters cmd.exe

You will get the window where you have installed it!
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