Have you used drag & drop for organizing and reordering WordPress?

Have you used drag & drop for organizing and reordering WordPress?

Organizing and reordering WordPress settings usually happens when you start customizing things. For user-friendly, WordPress has acknowledged the drag & drop option. By default, WordPress has settings to arrange the page post or blog post based on the alphabetic order or published date. In logic, you can even make it wiser by organizing it in the right way by reordering things.

For instance, if you have 50 blog posts it would be very difficult for you to find the one blog post which you needed. Just by doing drag & drop, it's easy for you to rearrange by reordering the posts one by one.

Let’s see how to use drag and drop for organizing and reordering:

Step 1:
Search the plugin “Simple Page Ordering” in the dashboard. Install and activate the plugin without fail. That's it! No more extra settings or customizations.

Step 2: Go to the section “Pages” and then choose “All pages”. Simply use drag and drop, and reorder the page one by one as per your wish.

It's your choice! Drag & drop helps you to make the way easy for reordering.

Manual way to organize the WordPress:

Step 1:
Go to the section “attributes” and start reordering the page by changing its order. For that, go to pages where you need to edit.

Step 2: By now, you will be settled in “WordPress block editor” from there go to “Page Attributes” which is present to the right of the menu.

Step 3: Now, you can enter the value for the order. Just by lowering the number, you can see the higher numbers in the list. This is the process for ordering and reordering the WordPress blog post.

In case, if you have 50 blog posts, you have the only manual option to change the order value in all the 50 blog posts. Some more complications right?

More than a manual process, the way you use up the plugin consumes less time. So, prefer a plugin instead of running behind a manual process.
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