How to fix Apache error 408?

How to fix Apache error 408?

We all know well that, there is a request transformation between the server and client. If the server doesn’t get a request from the client that too, within the mentioned timeframe. You will get Apache error 408 right!

We usually term it a timeout error. Yes! Sometimes, the request sent by the client takes more time than the usual website server time. In that case, you will get the error called “408”. When compared with the website server time, requests sent by the client are greater. This type of error is known as client-side error.

Let us see how to fix this error!

You would have noticed that the error is from the client's side but it doesn’t mean that the whole responsibility belongs to the client alone. Why not from the server too? It is necessary to cross-check the problem from both sides.

Troubleshoot on the client-side:

Internet connection:
With a good internet connection, you can do whatever want. If you have a poor internet connection, the request received from the client took a long time for the server to complete.

URL: Cross-check the URL without fail. If it goes wrong, you can’t view the website.

Upgrades: When you update the CMS, the entire crew belonging to CMS will get updated such as plugins, themes, modules, and extensions. The new change in CMS may be a culprit to throw an error. Better uninstall one by one, to find out the error.

Webpage: One easiest way to fix the error. Just by reloading the webpage, you can sort out this error. Either it may be from the client side or the server-side.

Troubleshooting from the client is over! Let us start another troubleshoot from the server-side:

Troubleshoot server-side:

Server configuration:
Confirm the server-side timeout is less than the client-side. Cross-check Apache configuration file and .htaccess file. Keep on increasing the values by finding RequestReadTimeout or KeepAliveTimeout directives.

Logs: Check the server error logs and start fixing the error if you have one.

To make it simple, check in all the ways to fix the 408 error.
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