How to fix WordPress errors while uploading?

How to fix WordPress errors while uploading?

The user may face some difficulty in uploading files (can be an image, video, text documents, or other files) in WordPress. These difficulties are figured as an unexpected error from the server due to some wrong settings.

These errors may occur due to wrong file permission, themes, plugin, PHP size limits.

Why does an error occur while uploading in WordPress?

One of the best technical supports for the website is WordPress. It has an amazing feature of CMS mode and is optimized for user-friendly customization. In many cases, you cannot expect the same what you have in mind. For example: If you upload one file in WordPress, it may show an error while uploading.

You can’t predict the reasons right!

Here’s a list of your suggestion:
  • If the size limitation of the PHP file extends then expected.
  • If you permit files wrongly.
  • Sometimes, you may get problems with themes or plugins.
Here in this section, we explain to you how these kinds of errors can be fixed.

Step 1: Firstly, if you get an error on your website, you need to check for the file size. If the file size is big then you will face some errors. Sometimes, using some special characters in a file can also be the reason for getting an error.

Step 2: As mentioned earlier, an error may occur due to wrong permissions also. So, it is advisable to check with the permissions set in the server of WordPress.

Step 3: WordPress will make use of Upload and wp-content paths to upload the files.

chmod 755 -R wp-content
chmod 755 -R wp-content/uploads
Usually, these commands will resolve the error.

Step 4: By default, PHP settings will be having their limit of file size to be uploading based on the plans given by the hosting company. If the file you upload exceeds the fixed file size, it will lead to an error.

memory_limit: 256M
upload_max_filesize: 64M
post_max_size: 76M

Note: Using the above codes, you can upload the larger size file also.

Step 5: In this case, compressing the file and uploading it will work.

Step 6: If there is an error in plugins, then upload a file after temporarily deactivating the plugin.

Step 7: Once the file got uploaded, and it shows an error message like “Faulty Plugin”, then you can find a fault plugin by activating them one after another. You can easily find which plugin is a fault and disable it alone.

Step 8: Sometimes, the theme of WordPress can also generate an error while uploading files. You can handle this situation by backing up your site first and then change the WordPress theme to default.

These are the various ways to handle an unexpected error while uploading the file to the WordPress website. So, you can fix the error on your own without anyone's help.
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