How to set default files and folders permission/ownership in a cPanel account

How to set default files and folders permission/ownership in a cPanel account

You always have this basic awareness for you the cPanel account if you want to manage. The folders and files which are in the cPanel account must have properly predefined permissions and also the ownership. When any changes made to these ownership and permission which may cause to stop the normal functioning of the website. cPanel/WHM are most effective and advanced cPanel in the webhosting company. cPanel installation is a quite a easy to use process, it can be also easily refer these link to install the cPanel in the CentOS sever.

Here is a list of the default ownership and permission of the important files and folders which are in cPanel account.

The Default document root:

To search the default document root simply go to the home/user and the directory by default. Public_html is a sub directory which contains the files that can be accessed via the public via the HTTP. Actually the www directory is a mainly link to connect the public_html. The files and folders which are inside the public_html are can easily visible bu use of the internet.

# ll -d /home/hoststud/public_html/

drwxr-X- - 51 hoststud nobody

Folder Permission:750

Folder Ownership: $User:nobody

Home Directory Itself:

# ll –d /home/hoststud/

drwx - - X - - X 29, hoststud, hoststud 4096 january 9 08:04


Folder Permissions: 711

Folder Ownerships: $user: $user

FTP Folder:

The public _Ftp: Is a Sub directory which is mainly located inside the Home directory which contains the files which are mainly publicly accessible via the FTP, FTP users can easily upload the files and folders to these directory. It is actually the directory which has been set to default and also where users can access whenever they join to the site via the anonymous FTP.

# ll – d, /home/hoststud/public_ ftp/

drwx – XR – 3 hoststud, hoststud 4096 january 11th 2008 /home/hoststud/public – ftp /

TMP Folder:

It contains the Following Sub Directories awstats, analog and the webalizer etc.

# ll -d /home/hoststud/tmp

drwx-XR-X 8 hoststud 4096 jan 9 10:55 /home/hoststud/tmp

Folder Permission:75

Folder Ownership: $User:$User
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