Magento 1.x SSL Enablement

Magento 1.x SSL Enablement

SSL certificates offer an extra layer of protection for your visitors when they sign up, check out, or engage in any other activity that requires them to disclose personal information. By handling your information of credit card, for example, consider encrypting any sensitive data and safeguarding it from malware activity by installing an SSL certificate on your website. You want protection from malware right so this type of encryption will help you a lot.

SSL certificate can considerably increase your company's and website's reputation by demonstrating to your visitors that their data is secure and that you are a licensed and recognized firm. The FastComet Magento Hosting SpeedUp package is designed to provide a fast and secure hosting environment that supports all Magento functionalities while also including a free GlobalSign SSL certificate.

Step 1: You may activate your SSL for your Magento store via the System Configuration area of your Magento Admin panel once you've purchased and installed it.

Step 2: On the left, select Web and then Secured from the drop-down option.

The following values should be edited in this section:
  • Changing the base URL: Change the base URL from to, replacing with your real domain name.
  • Frontend Secure URL: Magento protects all pages where your customers enter sensitive information, such as check out and register/login pages, by default. You may still change this option to YES if you want your Magento shop to only function via HTTPS. However, keep in mind that activating SSL for your Magento Store frontend may have a detrimental impact on your website's speed because data encryption necessitates extra resources.
  • Admin’s Secure URL: If you want your Magento Admin panel to only be accessible over HTTPS, you should set this option to YES.
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