Product addition in Magento 1.x

Product addition in Magento 1.x

How will you add products to the Magento store? Well said! It is one of the best methods for adding products in Magento 1.x. You must have created attribute sets and product categories already.

Let’s start adding products into Magento by below-mentioned steps:

Step 1:
First, use login credentials to login into Magento admin. In the Magento admin panel, you can see menus at the top such as dashboard, sales, catalogue, mobile, customer, promotions, newsletter and CMS.

Step 2: Choose the section “catalogue” and so, it shows many options like manage products, manages categories, attributes, URL rewrite management, searches terms, reviews and ratings. Here, you can select the first option “Manage products”.

Step 3: You will get opened to the new page which has the option to enrol products. Tap on the button “add products” and get set with the attribute set as you like. Don’t forget to tap on the button “Continue”.

Step 4: The product configuration page will be displayed now. Start adding product details like name, giving a full or short description of the product, SKU, product weight, product manufacture date and status.

Note: You know well that each product has a unique SKU number.

Step 5: Once if you finished adding all those basic details next comes the price details. Add product price, discount price, discount price available till specific date etc.

Step 6: Go to the image tab for adding product images. Upload it from a link or browser by selecting all the images you want to upload.

Step 7: It is important to update inventory details that are present on the left side of the page. Update details like how many products are available and In stock or Out of stock.

That’s it! Save all those changes you made till now to get updated with new product addition.
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