You would get SQL Server Error 35206 when migrating the Linux-based Oracle database to Azure Cloud windows based SQL Server. Here, the mentioned databases are capable of holding more SQL Server databases because it is high-end machine frequency. Whatever may be the critical system, the large size and transitional database help it stand on its foot. When it goes out of time in connection, you will get a message saying:

A connection timeout has occurred on a previously established connection to availability replica ‘bobtest’ with id [availability group id]. Either networking or a firewall issue exists or the availability replica has transitioned to the resolving role.

It takes big help from alwayson to show the error 35201. This database keeps on trying to get connected with the group but couldn’t happen because of the error 35206. Here, you will get the error message:

A connection timeout has occurred while attempting to establish a connection to availability replica ‘bobtest’ with id [availability group id]. Either a networking or firewall issue exists, or the endpoint address provided for the replica is not the database mirroring endpoint of the host server instance.

So, we take responsibility to highlight a few solutions to sort out this problem:
  • Connection timeout setting review
  • Using default network packet size
  • Fixing alwayson connection timeout SQL Error 35206
  • Fixing always on SQL Server Error 35206 and Error 35201
Ways for Fixing always on SQL Server Error 35206 and Error 35201:

There is a mess with the replica only so, you were getting an error for a timeout in connectivity. Maybe there might be more reasons listed one by one:
  • The database which is in availability urged to stop synchronizing leads to a loss in data.
  • On the replica primary position, the logfile keeps on growing automatically which results in an outage.
  • The critical system needs alerts from recurring repetitively
  • Just do the update on Microsoft, and you will find the solution within a period.
Ways for fixing Always-on connection timeout SQL Error 35206:

It occurs only in high-end systems additionally with CPU 24 cores. Restarting the SQL Server on the replica secondary may solve the problem but don’t try it on the primary replica. It's a great tip for the replica connectivity however it is easy to deal with it.

Using default network packet size:

You know that there is a default value for network packet size. If you want, you can make changes to the default value based on the requirement you have.

Step 1: With the help of SSMS, start connecting SQL Server Instance

Step 2: Just do right click on the SQL Server Instance and choose “Properties

Step 3: Choose the tab “Advanced” and select the default value “4096

Step 4: Tap on the button “OK

Connection Timeout Setting Review:

Here’s the deal for connection timeout or session timeout problems. Just take ten seconds and start the configuration if it doesn’t help. If you found the replicas network time is slow then keep on increasing the session time.

All you have to do is with the SQL Server Studio! Check the connectivity of SQL Server Instance with the group configuration of alwayson availability. That too, is only in a primary replica but not with a secondary replica.

Step 1: Start launching SSMS and then get connectivity with the primary replica

Step 2: Once you connect with the primary replica, just do an expansion on the folders. Tap on the sign plus and do an expansion on “Always on high availability node and availability groups node.

Step 3: Try to locate so that it is easy to choose the availability group

Step 4: Make easy identification on the availability group and then right-click to select the option “Properties”

Step 5: You can make changes to the replica session if it gets a timeout. Enter the value for availability replica properties in the dialogue box.

Herewith, we have shown you more ways to deal with SQL Server Error 35206!
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