what is OpenStack

what is OpenStack


OpenStack is mainly the set of the software tools which is used for the managing and building the cloud and computing platforms mainly for the public and as well as the private clouds. It is backed by the one of the largest hosting and software developing companies and also with the thousands of the individual member of the community. Many people assume and thinks that OpenStack can become the upcoming future generation of the cloud computing. It is mainly controlled by the foundation OpenStack which is actually a non profit and also which mainly oversees with both the community and development buildings which are aside the projects.

OpenStack gives users options to deploy the virtual machines and any other kinds of the instances which are majority handle the different tasks to manage the cloud structure in just a fly. OpenStack makes the Horizontal scaling very easy that means the tasks which will benefit from the running of Concurrently can simply serve the less or may be more users into the fly by just only simple spinning up some more instances. The most important feature of the OpenStack is that it is an open source service software that means it can be chosen by anyone to get access to source code, modifications and also can make changes which needs and can freely and simply share these different changes which easily back to community in the large.

It simply indicates that the OpenStack has enormous benefits for the thousands of the developers around the whole world which are working in the tandem to mainly develop the most robust, strongest and the most secure products which they can make.

Components of OpenStack:

Nova: It is the primary computing engine which is behind the OpenStack. It is used for the deploying and also managing the large numbers of the virtual machines.

Swift: It is a storage system for the objects and the files.

Cinder: It is a block storage component.

Neutron: It provides the network compatibility for the OpenStack.

Horizon: It is the dashboard which is behind the Open stack.

Keystone: Provides identity services for the OpenStack.

Glance: Provides image services for the OpenStack.

Ceilometer: It mainly provides the telemetry services.

Heat: It is the orchestration component of the OpenStack.
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