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    A Complete Guide to Disabling Comments in Your WordPress Website

    WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems that allows anyone to set up a website from scratch. You can open up to the world via internet and share whatever you want to share. Users can interact with you too by sharing or commenting on your posts. When you get comments on...
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    Steps to disable Wordpress comments

    If you want to disable Wordpress comments manually for security reasons then you can follow below steps: Login to Wordpress dashboard. Navigate to Settings >> Discussion Here under “Default Article Settings” you have to uncheck “Allow people to post comment” option to disable comments.
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    What are moderate comments in wordpress?

    Moderate comments means manually approve comments by the admin. If any visitors comment in your wordpress post, and if it will not published until comment approved by admin then it is called moderate comment. You can manage its settings in Wordpress according to your need. You can follow below...
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    Steps to edit the Wordpress comments

    If you want to edit the Wordpress comments then you have to follow few steps: Login to Wordpress dashboard. Here you will find “Comments” option, you have to click on it. In comments you can click on "Edit" to edit the comment.
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    How Should WordPress Comments Notifications be turned off?

    On overlooking, WordPress informs the website admin whenever it finds a newly updated comment on the website. Whether you are about to start a new blog, this feature can aware you of comments newly added that you can answer to and improve user consultation. Nevertheless, these notifications...