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    How can we install Joomla in cpanel?

    Softaculous is an commercial script library which help to install open-source CMS in one click. You can install Joomla easily with below steps without spending too much time on it. Login to your cPanel. Click on Softaculous App Installer. There you have to search for Joomla CMS and click on it...
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    Steps to whitelist domain in Spam Assassin

    You can follow below steps to whitelist domain for emails in cpanel: First login to cpanel. Click on “Spam Filters” under “Emails” section. Here you will find “Show Additional Configurations” option in the last. You will find this option if your hosting provider have enabled it on server. Now...
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    How to create subdomain in cpanel?

    You can follow below steps to create subdomain in cpanel: Login to cpanel. Click on “Subdomain” under “Domain” section. A new window will open where you have to enter details of your subdomain and click on “Create”.
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    Steps to activate SSL certificate in cpanel

    You can follow below steps to activate SSL: First you have to login into cpanel. There you will find “Generate CSR & Private Key option”, click on it. Now you can give that CSR to your SSL provider and purchase SSL certificate, you can also contact your hosting provider regarding SSL. After...
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    Steps to add new user in cpanel

    If you want to login with multiple users n cpanel then you can use cPanel User Manager tool. With this you can create additional user in cpanel to login. Log in to your cPanel account. Click on “User Manager” option under “Preferences” section. You can create new account by clicking on “Add...
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    Steps to create email account in cpanel

    You just have to follow bllow steps to create email account: Login to cpanel. Here click on "Email Accounts" under "Emails" section. Now you will find "Create" button, click on it. You have to enter all the required details. At last, click on "Create" button.
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    How to Work with Email Filters in cPanel?

    Email filters are a great way to manage incoming emails. All you have to do is set rules in the filters for the emails and the tool will execute them autonomously. It’s provided in most cPanel hosting accounts. In this article, learn how you can create, access, set criteria, delete, and test...
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    What is Email Routing in cpanel?

    With Email Routing option you can configure the domain’s incoming mail which system routed. If your Email Routing settings is not configured properly then it will affect receiving email. You can contact your hosting provider regarding this. Now you can select the desired option for your domain...
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    What is Greylisting in cpanel?

    Greylisting helps to prevent spamming for your email account. After enabling greylisting server rejects unknown emails and after sometime try to send that email again. Greylisting distinguish incoming emails by triplets, and triplet contains the sender’s IP address, recipient’s address and IP...
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    Steps to copy files and folder in cpanel

    You can follow below steps: Log into cPanel. Here click on “File Manager” in cpanel account. Now select the particular file which you want to copy and click on copy button. In the box you have to enter the location where you want to copy the file. And click on Copy file button.
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    Do you want to increase the spam score in the cPanel email account?

    This article guides you to increase the way of spam score naturally. You were in a need to look out the spam score now. Based upon the one to ten scales, your spam score varies. If you get more scores, it means you have more spam. When comparing the threshold of spam score with the score of an...
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    Steps to resolve cpanel login issue

    If you are not able to login into your cpanel account then the first thing you can clear your browser cache and then try again. You can also try with different browse, in case your IP is blocked on server then you can try with any other internet connection too. You can try with below links...
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    A Complete Guide to Disabling AutoSSL Email Notification in cPanel

    If you’ve been using SSL certificates to protect your website from online attacks, then you must have receive email notifications regarding the validity, expiration of the certificates in cPanel. That’s because of AutoSSL Email Notification system. It notifies users regarding the status of their...
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    Will you use cPanel for encrypting email?

    Well! Email encryption works for you to protect your messages from being sent to unauthorized people. You would often hear the word “public key” which plays important role in encrypting the messages. This public key secures the messages and the recipient would decrypt them using the private...
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    Steps to fix PHPPgAdmin cPanel Login Issues

    Whenever user access PostgreSQL databases then its privileges are set in cpanel account and if user doesn’t going to visit then phppgadmin will not work. Also you have to check cpanel password for space as its going to creating the issue in psql/phpPGadmin. There is solution to resolve this...
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    Wordpress is not using PHP version and custom ini settings in cpanel

    If you are getting issue in Wordpress Toolkit like you are not able to update PHP version and custom PHP settings then the reason behind this issue is “Security check’ option. In Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe there is a feature available “Security check”. This feature provides several options like...
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    Database Error Connection Failed in RoundCube cPanel

    RoundCube is a client based on Web IMAP and that is very easy to install & configure. RoundCube is open-source and free software that is subject to General Public License that except plugins and skins. The main feature of Roundcube is that all data are stored in the database and it does have the...
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    How can we add wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel?

    You can check below steps to add Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel Login to WHM. After that click on ”Feature Manager” under “Plugins”. Here you have to click on “Edit feature list”. Now you have to edit the feature list in the package for which you want to enable Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe. You...
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    How to fix cPanel corrupted files of user data?

    You may come across the situation to fix the corrupted user data files in cPanel. It would happen more while operating or migrating the account of cPanel. Using the HTTP.conf server file, you can easily handle the situation to get back your user data from the corrupted mode. In this article...
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    How to remove the WHMCS Billing & Support section in cPanel?

    You can check below steps to remove WHMCS Billing & Support section in cpanel. For this you can move particular user directory from this path /var/cpanel/integration/dynamicui/ You have to move desired user directory to /root/whmcs_dynamicui_backup with below command: mkdir -v...