1. K

    Steps to set root forwarder in CSF

    If you are getting below error while doing test scan then you have to set root forwarder in CSF. Status .Comment WARNING The root account should have a forwarder set so that you receive essential email from your server We can set root forwarder with below steps: First you have to check for...
  2. H

    How to disable cPanel CSF LFD Alerts?

    Login into WHM Go to Plugins > ConfigServer Security & Firewall Now click on “Firewall Configuration” button Search for "LF_EMAIL_ALERT " & “LF_PERMBLOCK_ALERT” Click turn "Off" buttons Click “Change” at bottom of the page On next screen click “Restart csf+lfd” to restart CSF & LFD services
  3. bhawanisingh

    Useful CSF commands for Linux Servers

    CSF(Config Server Firewall):- CSF(Config Server Firewall) is a Firewall application which is mostly use by Linux server. It provide various options to control and manage Linux server Firewall through commandline and control panel. CSF configures linux server firewall to manage access to FTP...