ftp account

  1. K

    How to setup FTP account in Winscp?

    Its verys easy to setup your FTP account in Winscp, for that you just have to follow below steps: First you have to download Winscp through this link: http://winscp.net You have to install Winscp in your PC or laptop and then you have to open it. You will get a window where you have to enter...
  2. K

    Error : Response: 421 Home directory not available – aborting Error: Could not connect to server

    You have to assign the correct directory path while creating another FTP account in cpanel. If you have enter the invalid path then the above error will occur. You can edit the FTP path from cpanel: Login to cpanel. FTP accounts and enter the correct directory path.
  3. K

    Creating FTP Accounts in Windows VPS Or Dedicated Server: A Complete Guide

    When it comes to uploading data, software codes, or media files to your remote server, FTP is a preferred method for most admins. While there are more intuitive methods like Control Panels, they often restrict the size you can upload. FTP or File Transfer Protocol have no such restrictions...
  4. bhawanisingh

    Steps to Disable Default cPanel Login Details For FTP Access

    We all know about FTP(file transfer protocol), as name refers it is used to transfer files between computer and network. Most of the user use FTP account to uploading files in web hosting account. With the default FTP account sometimes the account get hacked or misused. The hackers smartly use...