internal server error

  1. K

    How to solve internal server error in Wordpress?

    It’s the most common error in Wordpress so everyone faces it once while working on it. You just have to make few changes in your application to resolve most irritated issue. You can check below for this: Check your .htaccess file carefully. For this you just have to rename the file and then run...
  2. bhawanisingh

    Troubleshoot the 500 Internal Server Error Whostmgr

    The 500 Internal Server Error is not only limited to users visiting your website from a browser. Web admins accessing from the cPanel, webmail, or Web Host Manager too get this error from time to time. In fact, it’s a relatively common issue encountered in webservers. Since there are so many...
  3. bhawanisingh

    [RESOLVED] Error: "500 Internal Server Error" in Wordpress

    "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" is a common WordPress Error which can make a WordPress panic but be assured that after reading the text below you can easily fix this error and you will never need to Panic. This Internal Server Error in WordPress is commonly occurs due to any Plugin and / or...
  4. bhawanisingh

    How to resolve PhpMyAdmin "500 internal server error"?

    This error appears when you upgrade the version of your CPanel. First, you have to check the permission of files as below Other files permission should have 755. If it does not then change the files permission and set them to 755 Once the file permission change, use below shell command...