mysql service

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    Steps to start/stop MySQL service in WHM

    First login to your WHM. Here navigate to Service Configuration >> Service Manager Under the Service Configuration section, select Service Manager. Here you will find list of services, you have to uncheck the box which is under MySQL to stop MySQL service. Now click on Save button. If you want...
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    How to start/stop MySQL service in Linux VPS?

    To manage MySQL service it is must to have root SSH access. To stop MySQL service you can run below command: service mysql stop OR /etc/init.d/mysql stop To start MySQL service you can run below command service mysql start OR /etc/init.d/mysql start To restart MySQL service you can run...
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    How to manage MySQL service in Linux or Windows?

    You can follow below steps to start and stop mysql services from windows and Linux server. First login to Windows server. Navigate to Start >> Administrative Tools >> Services Now search and select MySQL service. Here first you have to check MySQL service is running or not and for that you can...