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    Facing the Nginx Upstream Errors? Here’s How To Fix Them

    Nginx is a very popular webserver used by various websites and web apps, especially those that deal with high traffic. It consists of many modules, one of which is Upstream. In some cases, it leads to errors that impact the availability of the websites. In this article, learn what Nginx Upstream...
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    Why the 502 Bad Gateway Error Occurs in Nginx? Five Potential Reasons and the Solution

    502 Bad Gateway is a server error that occurs due to multiple reasons. It’s quite common among Nginx servers. At first occurrence, you might not be able to point out the exact reason. Thus, you won’t be able to solve the problem quick enough. If you’ve come across this error and want to fix it...
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    Steps to install Nginx on CentOS 7

    Nginx is a web server which is used for various different works but mostly used for reverse proxy or HTTP cache. But it can be also used for web server, load balancing, media streaming, etc. You can follow below steps to install Nginx: First you have to run below command to install Nginx...
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    How to fix Plesk error Cannot set up client_max_body_size for Nginx?

    Do you often get the error Cannot set up client_max_body_size for Nginx? To prevent client_max_body_size, this #PPPM-1914 helps to get rid of this problem. For instance, 1m is the value for server-wide at the same time domain itself fixes the Plesk value ‘client_max_body_size 128m;’. Here, 128m...
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    How to locate NGINX manager in WHM?

    Normally, NGINX manager located in WHM: Login to WHM. Here go to “NGINX Manager” under “Software”. You can perform all below tasks in NGINX manager: Install or uninstall NGINX on server. You can also clear NGINX cache on server for particular user or for all users. You can also enable or...
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    Steps to configure ea-nginx for all websites

    You have to run below command for configuration: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/ea-nginx config –all
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    A Complete Guide to Redirecting URLs With Nginx Web Server

    By redirecting URLs, you can send visitors from one page URL to another automatically. They don’t need to take any action or click on a button for this. So when the need arises, these are an extremely feature to have. If you’re using the Nginx web server, then it will make your job of setting...
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    How to install nginx as a reverse proxy on WHM?

    By default the Linux server is already loaded with Apache but WHM server does not provide any support for Nginx web server. To make your website both effective and powerful then you need both web servers Apache and Nginx. Nginx web server is mainly responsible for website’s speed and apache...
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    On CentOS server : How to Start/Stop or restart Ngnix server?

    Ngnix which is also known as Engine-X, is an open source software for reverse proxying , load balancing, web serving, media streaming, caching and more. As it is already described that Nginx is used as load balancer and reverse proxy for servers like HTTP,HTTPS, UDP and TCP. As Nginx is a load...