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    Resolved SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed in RoundCube

    If you are getting this error then you just have to follow below steps: Method 1 First check your exim is running or not, you can check this after login into SSH you have to run below command in terminal.. # service exim status If exim is showing disabled then you will get below output. You...
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    Database Error Connection Failed in RoundCube cPanel

    RoundCube is a client based on Web IMAP and that is very easy to install & configure. RoundCube is open-source and free software that is subject to General Public License that except plugins and skins. The main feature of Roundcube is that all data are stored in the database and it does have the...
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    Here’s how to Fix the SMTP (454) Authentication Failed Error in Roundcube

    Roundcube is a free and open source webmail tool. That’s why it’s adopted by many admins as part of email management practice. But as with other tools, you’re likely to come across a few errors from time to time. And one of them is the SMTP (454) Error. You’ll get this error when trying to send...
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    There are so many reasons for the occurrence of the problem while working with MySQL database connection. Using the details listed below we can rectify the problem. There are few things to be checked while working with the problem. The error that you may get and details to be checked is as...