sql server

  1. K

    Error in SQL Server “The media is formatted to support 2 media families Error”

    If you are getting this error “The media is formatted to support 2 media families Error” while backing up database, then you are making a little mistake. You can follow below steps to to resolve this issue: Login to SQL server. You have to take Backup of MSSQL database in SQL server. If you...
  2. K

    Changing SQL Server Authentication Mode with SSMS: A Complete Guide

    Authentication is necessary for establishing connection between two servers or databases. In SQL server, you’re going to find two different authentication modes. This article is about how to switch authentication modes using SSMS. Types of Authentication Modes in SQL Server As already...
  3. K

    Limit the Maximum Number of Concurrent Connections in SQL Server for Better Performance

    All applications and software retrieve information from SQL server to display the required things and to process the data. By default, you can make 32767 simultaneous connections to the SQL server at max. But in most cases, this is undesirable since so many connections at one time can slow down...
  4. bhawanisingh

    Easiest Way To Resolve SQL Server Error 976

    SQL is today perhaps the most commonly used database programming language. Just like working with other programming languages, you’re likely to run into errors with SQL. One of the most common one is SQL Server Error 976. This takes places because the user wasn’t able to access the AlwaysON...