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    Ways to restrict Remote Desktop Access

    To restrict RDP access you first have to open Windows Server control panel. First, open the Windows Server control panel. Go to System and Security And click on “Windows Defender Firewall” where you can find “Firewall configuration” option. Now click on “Advanced Settings” and then you will...
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    Steps to backup IIS configuration

    You can follow below steps: You have to click on Computer icon under IIS (Internet Information Services). Now click on “Action” and then select “Backup/Restore Configuration” option. Here you have to click on “Create backup” and enter the name of backup file. After that, click on “OK”. NOTE...
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    How to improve Windows IIS security?

    Do you know to increase the security for Windows Internet Information Services? Yes! It is possible by doing three methods such as restricting IP address, issuing certificates for clients and configuration of authentication. This is specifically for people who work in the IT field because of the...
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    How to update host file in Windows?

    We can use the host files to block particular hostnames which we don’t want to use in system. Hosts file: this is a file from which we can set IP address for a particular domain in our local system. We can overrule the Authoritive DNS from this file. You can access the hosts file with below...
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    Windows 7 TLS 1.2 Enablement Steps

    What is the replacement of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol? Yes, it's nothing but TLS. To get communication securely on the internet, it is must use TLS as a replacement for SSL in current as well as in future. For example, you will be exchanging some business or personal details in IP...