Magento optimization or steps to speed up Magento


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Nowadays everyone wants fast loading websites for better experience. If you want to optimize Magento website as your website have high load then this article is just for you.

Varnish caching-

With varnish cahing you can improve the overall Magento 2 site speed. You just have to configure it with below steps:

Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System

Configure CSS and JS files

You can remove unwanted code from Css and Js files and it will make your website light.

You can follow:

Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > JavaScript Settings

Image Optimization:

For shopping websites, its important to optimize images as it will helps to load your website faster.

Check your Database:

Optimize your databse and remove unwanted logs from your database.

Few other things to optimize Magento is use Fastest hosting service, Create CDN for your website etc.