How to change Kloxo Control Panel default access port ?

How to change Kloxo Control Panel default access port ?

What is Kloxo ?
Kloxo is a web hosting control panel for Red Hat and CentOS Linux Distributions which was formerly known as Lxadmin. Kloxo is open source and free too which makes it a very popular Web hosting control panel among server administrators. It is a very good alternative for cPanel web hosting control panel.

In this article we will learn to access Kloxo control panel and how can we change the default port numbers to access.

You can access your Kloxo control panel on port 7777(ssl) and 7778(normal).
Your Kloxo control panel links will be like :
How to change default port number for Kloxo?

Many a times server administrator needs to change default port of control panel link for security reasons. For Kloxo you can simply do it through control panel itself. To change port you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1). Login to Kloxo control panel through your default port as root.

Step 2). Then follow these links Admin home >> Advanced >> Port Configuration

Step 3). Now change your port values here with new one and click on Update.

Step 4). Logout and now login through new port number.
That's it. All done :)
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