How to install CentOS Web Control Panel on CentOS system ?

How to install CentOS Web Control Panel on CentOS system ?

CentOS Web Panel is a free web hosting control panel which facilitates you to easily manage servers. The latest version of CentOS Web Panel was released on 19th April 2015. This control panel is full with various features that provide an ease to manage and operate server operations.

Some of the features are listed below:
  1. Apache Web Server ( Mod Security and OWASP rules optional).
  2. MySQL with phpMyAdmin
  3. PHP 5.4 and a PHP switcher
  4. CSF (Config Server Firewall)
  5. Email – Postfix and Dovecot, mailboxes, RoundCube web interface
  6. Easy user management interface
  7. Backups ( this feature is optional)
  8. Live Monitoring
  9. FreeDNS Server
  10. TeamSpeak 3 Manager (Voice) and Shoutcast Manager (video streaming).
  11. cPanel Account Migration
  12. File System Lock (means, no more website hacking due to locking of files from changes).
  13. Server configuration AutoFixer

Pre installation instructions :

  • It can be installed on a fresh CentOS server without MySQL with release version of CentOS/RedHat/CloudLinux 6.x.
  • Minimum RAM 512MB(32-bit) and 1024MB(64-bit) with 10GB free space.
  • It cannot be uninstalled after installation, you have to reinstall CentOS again.

Installation steps :

1). Login to Server as root :

2). Install wget utility so that we can fetch CentOS web control panel and reboot :
# yum -y install wget
# reboot


3). Now, download CentOS Web Panel installation script and insatll it :
# wget
# sh cwp-latest


After installation server will automatically get reboot.

4). Now you can access CentOS Web Panel through your browser.
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