Install CloudLinux on CentOS 7

Install CloudLinux on CentOS 7

If you are providing hosting service to your clients and you are using a shared hosting server then you can check CloudLinux. It’s specially made for shared hosting enlivenment. CloudLinux bills itself as Linux for hosting providers and data centers. In cloud Linux so many features are already available like rebootless upgrades, more secure kernel, and PaaS features. If you like all the benefits of Linux and do not want the support of third-party then CloudLinux is the best option you are looking for. It will not only support top-notch but also provides unlimited, eliminating the need to worry about per-incident pricing or tiered availability.

Getting Started:
CloudLinux is one of the popular commercial addons, for all type of popular Linux distributions. Linux modifies many fundamental aspects of an operating system, We think or assume that you already got Linux installation and running that.

You need following points to complete this guide:

• 1 Node (Cloud Server or Dedicated Server) running a clean CentOS 7.
• All the commands should be run as the root user.

When we run CloudLinux on the server then it will make many changes and modifications on your system, so it will be best that you don’t run this on any nodes or on CloudLinux services.

Ok, let's just start with all available CentOS updates. This important step should perform regularly. CentOS helps you to secure ships and fixes the other parts of a software upgrade.

Yum-y update && shutdown-r now
Now first start with the register a CloudLinux user key. Because it's a commercial product, so purchase a perfect or correct key according to your need.

This installer is shipped as a runnable script. What we have to do, just need to fetch the script before it can be executed.

Next, we run that script, we have just retrieved.

sh cldeploy -k # if you have activation key
You can also run the following comand:

sh cldeploy -i # if you have IP based license.
once you reboot your server then so manyCloudLinux services will be running, and all the kernel modules and modifications will be activated.

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