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List of common FTP error codes

FTP – File transfer protocol

Whenever we pass few commands in FTP sometimes it reflects in error. The error would be indicated in terms of number with three digits.

Let us discuss the reason of FTP error which occurs commonly:
  • Generally, FTP errors are bonded with incorrect details used in login
  • Problem occurs when unresponsive hosting server troubles
  • Even more from the ISP (Internet service provider).
In some cases, the client file receives a general message stating that “Could not connect to server”. Behind this statement you can see more error codes as below:
  • “530 sorry, but I can’t trust you”
  • “ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server”
  • “530 login authentication failed”
  • “FTP connection time out”
  • “EAI_NONAME -Neither nodename nor servername provided, or not known”
  • Your bandwidth usage is restricted”
These are the FTP errors occurs commonly behind a statement “Could not connect to server”. We have to check each and every error code one by one after receiving the general connectivity server error. Let us discuss why these errors occurred and how to solve it.
  • 530 sorry, but I can’t trust you” – If you want to access the directory, then it should be present in server. This error is stated when you are trying to access the directory which was not in the server. Before accessing the directory, check the cPanel FTP accounts and use the path correctly to access the directory.
  • ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server” – You might well know in using FTP port number. Few of them would use improper FTP port number unconsciously. At times, you will be receiving this error by saying that connection refused by server.
  • 530 login authentication failed” – This is very common error occurs when you use incorrect login details. Your username, hostname and password may be incorrect. To clear this problem, use correct login details or you can contact your service provider regarding your login details
  • FTP connection time out” – This happens when your ISP is trying to block FTP port. Your FTP port number would be 21. You can easily analyse whether the FTP port is blocked or not.
If the FTP client doesn’t work with passive mode and so, you will be getting this error. If you are using domain name as hostname then may be your domain is not resolving properly that’s why you are getting this error you can use account’s IP address or also can use server hostname.
  • EAI_NONAME -Neither nodename nor servername provided, or not known” – Again, if you enter incorrect login details and so, you will be getting this error by intimating IP address is not correct. Verify your account's login details in your client area or you can contact your hostng provider regarding the details.
  • "Your bandwidth usage is restricted” – Usually, FTP runs with the connectivity of server. It has few restrictions in bandwidth frequency because while accessing huge part of bandwidth in network and it automatically slows down the remaining server connectivity.
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