[RESOLVED]: Error "Microsoft JET OLEDB 4.0 Provider is registered on the local machine"

[RESOLVED]: Error "Microsoft JET OLEDB 4.0 Provider is registered on the local machine"

RadControls – You might have heard about Microsoft controls used in ASP.NET such as Label and TextBox. RadControls is created for the same features by Telerik. So, it must be installed in a 64-bit machine for flexibility usage.

At some instances, it broke in middle or some example will run the database with its access where it shows error as below:

Microsoft JET OLEDB 4.0 Provider is registered on the local machine

Let’s see how to solve this error by enabling 32-bit mode to run the IIS application:

If you deep into the search on 64-bit port, you can find the MS Jet engine doesn’t have a mode to run in 64-bit. MS Jet engine is said to be Microsoft Access runs in the database engine. In some cases, users will run 64-bit web application pool as a default changeover from the 64-bit machine. It will get drawback by getting a failure to run component of the Jet engine in the 32-bit version.

We got a solution for this type of error in two processes:
  1. Application pool configuration
  2. Enabling application support of 32-bit
Application pool configuration: Configuration of application pool is done with the help of dialogue appears in advanced a setting which runs in Windows Vista especially for IIS 7.

Enabling application support of 32-bit:

Follow the below steps to enable 32-bit support in IIS 7:

Step 1:
Search where Website & Domains and then select “Dedicated IIS Application Pool for Website”.

Step 2: After clicking on “Dedicated IIS Application Pool for Website” option, you can see few checkboxes. Tap on the checkbox “Enable 32-bit application”.

Step 3: We have completed the 32-bit application enabling process. To give a final confirmation, tap on OK button.

Note: Kindly restart the application if you observer a few changes such as a leak in memory application or if you work for a long time, it shows unstable features.

However, it doesn’t matter what the issue is! Sometimes, you need to go for a deep search or in some cases just taking a back in step will give you a perfect solution. It’s just a simple alteration!
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