Steps to fix 401 unauthorized error in Wordpress

Steps to fix 401 unauthorized error in Wordpress

Steps to fix 401 unauthorized error in Wordpress

401 errors are the one to deal with the hectic situation. Sometimes, you may get stuck with this error without unknown reasons. Very confusing too! It’s just a symbol to say 401 errors but it has numerous names like authorization required or access is denied due to invalid credentials or 401 unauthorized error or error 401.

Let’s see the exact causes of 401 errors:

There is one common when WordPress hosting gets improper authentication. If you want to access the WordPress admin page then, of course, you need to enter the password right! If you fail to enter the password then it throws 401 errors. When brute force attack takes place at the same time you admin page will be locked automatically. No manual happenings! 401 error displays not only in the admin page and login page also on all pages without any reason. It’s just to find the exact cause of 401 error occurrence.

  1. Try to remove password from WordPress admin – It’s a temporary dealing!
Unconsciously, you might have done a server configuration or may forget the password.


Step 1:
Just go to control panel of WordPress hosting account and then get into Directory Privacy. The files and folders are present inside the directory privacy.

Step 2: Search for the directory wp-admin to adjust the settings of password protection in the control panel.

Step 3: Take a tick mark from Password protect this directory. You are in the process to uncheck it! Finally, click on the save button!

  • Just clear the cache appeared in Firewall:
401 errors occur when the website and Firewall communicate using cloud-based services like Cloudflare and Sucuri.


From the Sucuri dashboard, go to performance page and then tap on the option “Clear Cache”.


Here, from the dashboard of Cloudflare, check where the section “catching” is. After clicking on the catching tab, select purge everything.

By doing this, you would have cleared all the caches in the Firewall.

  • Do the activity of plugin deactivation:
There is no assurance for plug-in to cooperate actively at all time. Some may configure poorly or misbehave at times to give you 401 errors. Go to the plug-in page in WordPress dashboard; deactivate it to find the plug-in which triggers 401 error.

Use the File transfer protocol to connect into the WordPress admin area. It’s just an idea because there are situations you might not able to access the WordPress admin area. It will automatically get connected so redirect to the path /wp-content/ folder. Now, change the name of the folder as plugins.deactivated.

The plugins are deactivated now! If everything goes well change the folder name as plugin. By changing the name again to the plugin, the plugins will be activated automatically.

  • Choose the WordPress Default Theme:
Themes also play a major role to trigger 401 errors. For a precaution, choose default theme which is created by the team of WordPress.

On the left side of the dashboard, choose the menu “Appearance” and then go to the Theme page. Download the default theme and then activate it.

Check whether the default theme is already installed or else kindly download it.

  • Reset the password of WordPress:
If there is a happening of entering the password again and again then, a company of WordPress hosting will block the wp-admin access. It is mainly for security reasons.

Don’t try to enter the password again if you are not aware of it. The perfect recommendation will be recovering the password. You will be getting the link to reset the password from WordPress.

  • Do you still have query then contact the provider of WordPress hosting company:
As said before, WordPress will be blocked only if it gets unusual access. So, it would be better to contact them directly to find the error log. Getting their assistance directly is a good deal but it won’t work out at all the time. So, better try all those five solutions listed.

We have shared 6 solutions for the 401 errors. Hope, you will get the immediate solution from the above list. Try to find the solution by processing the given solution one by one. Follow the instruction step by step to get error fix by yourself.
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