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    Resolve CloudFlare error 525: SSL handshake failure

    Secure socket Layers(SSL) shields information sent between a browser and a server. SSL encryption ensures that the connection between a web server and browser remains secure, so data passed back and forth will not be accessed by outside parties. The SSL Record, Handshake, and Change-Cipher Spec...
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    How to fix Cloudflare 304 not modified error?

    If the requested resource is not retransmitted, you might get the error Cloudflare 304 not modified. This can be a resource of the cached redirection method. The 304 not modified error occurs just because of improper communication between the website server and the user browser. It might lead to...
  3. K

    Cloudflare CNAME Flattening

    From the domain of root/apex, the CNAME record is used by Cloudflare CNAME Flattening. It helps to keep on increasing the CNAME resolution speed. What is Cloudflare CNAME Flattening? To find out the points in CNAME, we need to have an IP address in hand. To figure out the IP address, CNAME...
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    Steps to enable CloudFlare Panel mode "I'm Under Attack"

    Cloudflare provides extra feature which is used when your website is under attack. You can enable this feature if your website is under attack, user can get a redirection page for 5 seconds and in this redirection time cloudflare inspect the web-traffic on website. Visitors must have passed the...
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    A Complete Guide to Whitelisting in Cloudflare

    Cloudflare as firewalls in place that block malicious IP addresses from accessing your website or server. But they do target good and trusted IP addresses too. To prevent this from happening, you need to whitelist those IP addresses. In this article, learn all you need to know about...
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    How to resolve error 521 web server down?

    If you are getting 521 web server down error then it means clouflare trying to reach server with port 80 or 443. To resolve this issue you can whitelist cloudflare server IP address on your server so that they can make TCP connection.
  7. K

    How to disable caching of cpanel ports in cloudflare?

    If you are using cloudflare and having issue on accessing cpanel or WHM ports then here is something for you. You can disable caching of particular ports in cloudflare. You can check below steps for this: Your WHM access URL is, here 2087 is must be port on which you...
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    The Correct Way to Use Let’s Encrypt with Cloudflare

    Let’s Encrypt is a free and open-source certificate authority organization offering SSL certificates to various websites. When there’s a mismatch between Let’s Encrypt and Cloudfare, you’re likely going to run into connection issues. In this article, learn how to best use Let’s Encrypt with...
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    How can we enable “I'm under attack” mode in cloudflare?

    Cloudflare provides this feature in which cloudflare inspect the traffic and ensure that visitor is bot or not. After enabling this mode cloudflare redirect to another page for 5 seconds to check the visitor is valid or not and then allow it. Check the steps to enable it: Login to cloudflare...
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    Steps to create DMARC record in Cloudflare

    DMARC record is gaining popularity among businesses because of the trust factor. DMARC which stands for Domain-based Message Authentication is a protocol that ensures authentic email messaging. If you’re using Cloudflare are your CDN, you can add DMARC for your domain to prevent phishing and...
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    Steps to fix error 526 invalid SSL certificate: Cloudflare

    You would get a Cloudflare error 526 whenever SSL/TLS certificate fails to validate. The validation process is taken under the control of Cloudflare and so, the strict mode acts in between the validation. As a user or developer, you might be known with the SSL/TLS certificate right? Cloudflare...
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    How to install ClouFlare plugin on cPanel server?

    CloudFlare is a service used for performance and security purpose. A CloudFlare website uses 65% of less recourse, saves bandwidth up to 60% and loads twice as fast and not to forget it has an additional layer of security too. The providers hosting it gets reduces load on server, savings in...