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    Steps repair broken IP address in plesk

    Getting below error while repairing IP address in Plesk: Error: ifmng failed: Execute netsh interface ipv4 add address Ethernet 32 failed[1]: Invalid mask parameter (32). Login to server via RDP. Now with below command you have to add IP Address manually to server. netsh interface...
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    Steps to disable cookie notification in Plesk

    Steps to disable cookie notification in Plesk Login to Plesk. Click on Extensions menu and choose Panel.ini Editor. Now open Panel.ini Editor from My Extensions. Now add below line. cookieBox.enabled=false At last click on “Save”.
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    How to enable or disable debug mode in Plesk?

    Login to Plesk. You have to install Panel.ini editor and you will get this option in Extensions. Now open this editor from Extensions >> My Extensions. Now switch to the Editor tab and if you found that editor is empty then follow below steps: Download Panel_ini.txt file. Copy this downloaded...
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    Steps to install Node.js application in Plesk

    For that you have to follow below steps: Login to Plesk. Now upload your Node.js application files in your File manager with package.json file. Now navigate to Domains >> >> Node.js. In Linux: Your document root directory should be subdirectory of Application root. In windows: Your...
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    A Complete Guide to Connecting to Plesk Server Using RDP and Available Credentials

    If you want to connect to your Plesk server using RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol, then this guide is for you. This requires that you have the necessary credentials to make the connection. Otherwise, you’d have to contact your hosting provider for the credentials in case the RDP details are not...
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    Steps to migrate a website from other server to Plesk

    You can use Site Import extension to transfer your website. Login to Plesk. Here click on “Extensions” and then “Extensions catalog”. After that you have to search for “Site Import” extension. You have to click on “Install”. Now you have to transfer your website to Domains >> >>...
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    Steps to add IP address on windows server via command line interface

    Login to RDP plesk server. Click on start button and open command prompt by right click on it. After that select “Run as Administrator”. Here you have to use Plesk bin ipmanage command. You have to add IP address with subnet mask and your IP address type is shared...
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    Steps to add new IP address in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to add new ip address in Plesk. Login to Plesk. Click on “Tools & Settings” and then click on “IP Addresses” under “Tools & Resources”. Now you can see other options, click on “Add IP Address”. Here you have to enter IP Address and subnet mask in field. You have to...
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    The Proper Way to Editing the Email Client Setup Settings in Plesk Obsidian

    Plesk is one of the most popular hosting automation software. If you’re using Plesk Obsidian and looking to edit the Email Client Setup settings to allow your client to set up email client manually, this is the article for you. You’ll get the information about desired settings in the Manual...
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    Error: “Unable to logon user (servername\systemuser): (1326) The user name or password is incorrect.”

    If you are facing this error while creating subdomain in plesk or accessing your website in browser then you can resolve this error easily with below steps. You will get this error when system user’s account credentials in OS are not sync in Plesk database. Login to windows server via RDP. Run...
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    Error: Website is redirecting to Plesk login page

    Looks like you are getting this issue because of same hostname of your server, server treats your URL for Plesk login page. Let’s see how to resolve this issue: Login to Plesk. Click on “Tools & Settings” option in left side of your plesk panel. Now select “Server Settings” option. You will get...
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    Steps to secure a Plesk GUI customized URL

    You can follow below steps for that: Login to Plesk. Now you have to issue certificate to particular domain name specified in Plesk, for that you can check this: Click on “Tools & Settings”. Here select “SSL/TLS Certificates” >> Let’s Encrypt. Certificate to secure Plesk panel : First click on...
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    How we can change view in Plesk?

    Let’s see steps to change view in plesk interface: Login to Plesk. Now click on “Websites & Domains” tab and you will find all the options. Click on “Change View” option which looks like wrench. After clicking on it, you will get three options Dynamic list, Active list, and Classic list. You...
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    Steps to change owner of particular subscription in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to change owner : Login to Plesk. Click on Subscription and choose particular domain. Select that domain and click on “Change Subscriber” option, choose particular customer. Click on OK.
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    Steps to create service plan in Plesk

    Login to Plesk Click on service plan and select hosting plans. Here you will find option “Add a plan”, click on it. Select the options according to your need from Resources, Permissions, Parameters etc. Now click on “Ok” to save changes.
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    How to check Active sessions in Plesk?

    You can follow below steps to check Active sessions in Plesk: Login to Plesk. Here you can find “Active Plesk Sessions”, click on it. Here you can check all the active sessions in plesk. If you want to change settings of plesk then click on “Session Settings”. You can change session idle time...
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    How to use Wordpress Toolkit in Plesk?

    Wordpress toolkit will help you to easily install, manage and configure your application. For that you have to install Wordpress Toolkit in Plesk. Login to plesk. Click on “Wordpress icon” and you will find few options to manage wordpress. You have to click on “Install” to install wordpress...
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    How to make server wide PHP settings in Plesk?

    If you want to disable any function or made any changes on server’s php.ini file then you can follow below steps: Login to Plesk. Click on “PHP Settings”. Here you will find tab “php.ini”, you have to click on it. Now you will find file, you can made any changes in this file and then...
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    Steps to limit administrative access in Plesk

    If you want to secure your plesk panel then you can limit administrative access in plesk with below steps: Login to plesk. Click on “Tools & Settings”. Now you will find “IP Access Restriction Management” option under “Security” tab. Click on “Settings” option and select “Denied from the...
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    Steps to control outgoing mails in Plesk

    Login to Plesk. Click on “Mail Settings” to control outgoing mails. You will find new tab “Outgoing Mail Control”, click on that tab. Now you can check the outgoing mails “Attempts to exceed limits” and “Objects attempting to exceed limits”.