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    How to fix the problem “System logs on Plesk server are not population”?

    Are you getting tired of sorting out all the problems in Plesk? Here’s one more fix pending! You were getting a problem with system logs which is not population now. The system logs such as /var/log/messages, /var/log/secure and /var/log/maillog are not populating and empty. Usually, you will...
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    How to fix the command “Plesk migration”?

    “Plesk repair web” or Plesk migration command fails! What will be your next move? Finding the solution for this command failure might be hectic but once you sort out the problem it will be the experience right! You will get an error message by stating: Details: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught...
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    How to Deal with Errors When Upgrading to Plesk Onyx or Obsidian?

    Plesk is one of the most popular web hosting software. The ease-of-use, compelling UX, and automation features is what make the service popular. It releases upgrades from time to time with improvements and new features. To get the most out of Plesk, users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest...
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    A Complete Guide to Updating Plesk Obsidian to Latest Version

    Plesk Obsidian is known for its compelling UX and mangement tools that makes it popular among its users. Just like other software packages, it release updates every now and them. To get the most out of Plesk Obsidian, its recommended that you use the latest version. Here’s a guide to help you...
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    How to Fix the Plesk Firewall Do Not Block Connections to Docker Container Error?

    Docker is a really useful tool for development teams. It offers virtual containers where you can store your code and deliver services to your end users. When you start using Docker, it install two custom iptables chains. These are: DOCKER-USER DOCKER These two chains handle the incoming...
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    Why does Apache keep going down in the Plesk server?

    You would have received an error by saying “server reached MaxRequestWorkers setting, consider raising the MaxRequestWorkers setting” At this time, note clearly - The Apache may get slow in the Plesk server. CentOS: RHEL-based distributions: /var/log/httpd/error_log Debian: Ubunty-based...
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    How to resolve “User does not have permission to alter database error in Plesk”?

    Are you getting the error “User does not have permission to alter database error in Plesk”? No need gets panic folks! It’s not a big deal! You can encounter the problem on your own; don’t need a person with the technical knowledge. If you are a beginner, you might get scared whenever end up...
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    A Guide to Installing DotNetNuke using Plesk

    DotNetNuke (DNN) is a really useful CMS or Content Management System from Microsoft that’s used in many .NET applications. Its written in C#, and hence flexible. DNN is also open source, which gives you maximum flexibility to design and manage interactive websites, intranets, and extranets. In...
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    Complete Guide to Fixing Permission Issues in Plesk Onyx 12

    When managing a website or a web app, it’s important to give the right permissions to the right users. Otherwise, there’s a high security cost to be paid. If you’ve built your website on Plesk Onyx 12, you should know how to set and change the permissions. It can be easily done from the control...
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    Steps to calculate Plesk stats update

    In plesk statistics update automatically in 24 hours but if they are not updating automatically then we have to manually update stats on server. For that you have to login into server as an administrator and then run command: plesk sbin statistics [command][options] To update Plesk statistics...
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    Steps to remove backup files from Plesk

    Let’s see how to remove backup files from plesk: login to Plesk. Here click on “Tools & Settings” and then choose “Backup Manager” option which is available in right side. Now you are able to see all the available backup file, you have to select the particular file and then click on “Remove”...
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    Steps to download backup in Plesk

    First login to Plesk. Here click on “Websites & Domains”. Now click on backup manager option available in right hand side. Click on “Download”. Plesk provides an option to backup with password. You will see the option “Use Password Protection” checkbox, you can select it if you want to protect...
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    Steps to create customers in Create customer in Plesk

    You can follow below steps in Plesk ; Login to Plesk. Here click on “Add a Customer” and then enter all the details of customer. Now you have to enter customer details which you want to add. Also you have to enter credentials to login into plesk panel. you have to enter username and password...
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    How to use Plesk Sitebuilder?

    Plesk sitebuilder helps to easily create websites even if you are beginner. You can develop websites like blog, photo gallery etc with sitebuilder web application. You can use below steps to use sitebuilder: Login to plesk. Then click on “Subscription”, here you will find option “Edit in...
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    What are catchall email accounts and how to create in Plesk?

    Catchall email accounts are particular email address which we assigned to receive all emails that are sent to invalid or non-existent email address for your domain. For example- if you have single email account [email protected] and you have made this email account as catchall email account...
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    How to check and repair databases in Plesk?

    Follow below steps to check and repair databases: Login to Plesk. Navigate to Websites & Domains >> Databases >> Check and Repair. If there is any problem then you can click on the provided link and resolve it. You will find the details of tables and its problems, here in MySQL database you can...
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    How to create mail aliases in Plesk?

    You can follow below steps to create mail alias: Login to Plesk. Navigate to Mail >> email address >> Email Aliases tab. You can add email address by typing it in Email alias box, after that click on “OK”. You can also remove the email address and for that you have to remove address from the box.
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    Steps to set Auto-Reply in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to setup Auto-Reply in plesk: Login to Plesk. Here you have to go to Mail >> Email Address >> Auto-Reply tab. Here you have to select the Auto-Reply check box to enable it for your domain. And also you have to make settings of Auto-Reply according to your need. At...
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    Steps to restart Mysql service in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to restart mysql service: Login to Plesk. Here you will find “Tools and Settings” option, you have to click on them. Now under “Server Management” section you have to click on “Mysql server”. Finally, click on start.
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    Error logs of website in Plesk

    If you want to check the logs of your website then you can follow below steps: Login to Plesk. Click on “Websites & Domains” and then click on “File Manager”. Or you can click on “Files” option. Here click on “Logs” which is available in “Home directory” and then click on “error_log” in file”...